Configuration files for software on my Linux system
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zsh: Add `title` alias
2 months ago
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git git: Default branch name to `main` 4 months ago
gtk GTK: Revert to default icon theme 5 months ago
i3 i3: Change screenshots path 3 months ago
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Program Purpose Config
Alacritty Terminal emulator alacritty/
Dunst Notification manager dunst/
Fontconfig Font manager fontconfig/
Git Version control system git/
GTK GUI toolkit gtk/
i3 Window manager i3/
NeoVim Text editor nvim/
Polybar Status bar polybar/
PulseAudio Audio server pulse/
Rofi Launcher rofi/
Scripts Various scripts scripts/
TeX Document preparation tex/
xdg Desktop xdg/
X.Org Display server xorg/
zsh Shell zsh/


After cloning, please perform the following steps for setting up the submodules and filters:

git submodule update --init --recursive
git config filter.sort.smudge cat
git config filter.sort.clean "sort -n"

Finally, run the script inside from inside the cloned directory to create the needed symbolic links.


This set of configuration files is released into the public domain. See the license file for more information.