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Piano is a desktop app that uses built-in MIDI support in order to offer an usable interface for playing any of the 127 instruments defined by General MIDI.


Using Grunt:

$ npm install
$ grunt build:win   # use build:linux or build:mac for other systems

Then run the app in build/win folder.


Main window

Main window

With a music loaded

With a music loaded

Instruments window

Instruments window

Known issues


This app is currently in pre-release state, which means it isn't stable and that all work you have done might be lost at any time.

If you find any bug or have any improvement idea, please fill an issue.


Currently, the app is only available in French. New languages will be added soon.

MIDI support

The app won't produce any sound on systems that doesn't have at least one bundled MIDI output. Maybe should we ship with a default synthetiser.


The app has not yet been tested on Linux and Mac. If you encounter any problem, please fill an issue.

Commit convention

📖 Documentation updates
🐛 Bug fixes
📒 Rename/move files
💡 Features
💄 Fix coding style


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