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# YouTube Maze
Some YouTube creators have made video “gamebooks” by creating videos in which viewers can make choices that influence the course of the narration.
This is generally implemented by breaking up the video into short interlinked segments.
This project aims at automatically exploring those video mazes and creating a visual representation of the underlying network.
[See it live →](
## How Does it Work?
The [algorithm](lib/explore.mjs) starts at the first video and explores the links recursively using a breadth-first search approach, keeping track of the links as it goes.
The [Graphviz]( library is used to automatically lay out the graph so that as few edges cross as possible.
## Running Locally
You can also run the server locally, provided you have a working installation of Node.JS and Graphviz.
git clone
cd youtube-maze
npm install
npm start
If everything goes as planned, you should be able to access the server by opening `http://localhost:3000` in your browser.
## License
This software is made available under the MIT license.
[See the full license text →](LICENSE)